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Boarding services are available to those wanting a more precious and intensive training. Looking to put your dog through a protection services class? Boarding is the way to go!
Clients are given pictures daily and a weekly progress video.

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In kennel Board & trains

Basic Obedience teaches the essential building blocks. Your dog will finish our course with a full understanding of the basics. Sit, down, heel, look, place, come, recall and more will all be taught in our lessons.

Advanced Obedience takes the core lessons we learned in basic obedience and applies them to public situations meant to stimulate their sense and distract them. You can expect your dog to come out of this class with a greater sense of discipline. Being able to hold a down position for extended periods of time while you are occupied, you can now trust that your dog will do as told!

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On/Off Leash

On/Off Leash training covers anything from loose leash walking to free walking. You can expect your dog to stop any bad habits during your walking routine like leashing pulling, crossing paths, constantly getting distracted and refusing to walk with you.


You can expect to be able to walk off leash with your dog at the end of our course. I do not suggest walking off leash with dog breeds that have a high pray drive!

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socialization and intergration

Socialization and Integration training will drastically effect how your pup interacts with other people as well as other dogs/animals. 

Socialization training will focus on accepting other people in the right conditions. We will train your pup to be more comfortable meeting new people. No more endless barking fits because someones walking on the other side of the street! Toning down on the territorial dominance allowing you to invite people over to your home without the fear of your dogs chasing them off.

Integration training focuses on interaction with other dogs and animals. Teach your dogs how to control their pray instinct and be more accepting of other animals around their domain.

on/off & Canine Soci

We Make Good Boys Better Boys

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Home and public training

obedience classes are split into levels to help both you and your four-legged family member learn at a progressive pace. Our reward-based training methods will help ensure that your dog attains the level of obedience most pet parents only dream about. The three levels of our obedience classes are:

Level I—Basic: Builds the foundation of reliable commands like sit, down, leave it, come when called, and leash walking.

Level II—Intermediate: Learn how to get your dog to heel by your side, go to their mat, and add distance plus distractions to all their behaviors.

Level III—Public Polishing/CGC Prep: This level teaches your dog to sit when you greet a stranger, heel in a crowd, and more. They will now be prepared for the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) exam.

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Behavior Modification

We take great pride in our behavior modification classes. It is easy to create a temporary fix to behavior issues, but without finding the source of the issue, a temporary fix is the best you can hope for. We go right for the root of the issue. There are a plethora of possibilities that could be causing poor behavior. 

If you are having problems with dogs biting, chewing, digging, begging, marking in the house, or even snatching food off the counters, this is the course you should look at first! 

Home and public & Behavior

"The best One on one training! she truly cares about you and your pet."

      -Sandy Knechtel

"I couldn't have asked for a greater trainer than Hayley!"
         - Jami Boucher

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Resolving aggression

Most dogs struggle when it comes to aggression. There are multiple forms that manifest into behavior we see on a daily basis. If your dog constantly show aggression by snapping, barking, raise their lips, growling, biting and even block the paths of other dogs you have some unresolved aggression issues that will only get worse as time goes on.


When it comes to training your dog to resolve his aggression issues, we focus on familiarizing them with multiple other dogs as well as different types of animals. We are able to control the environment of which they are learning in which drastically speeds up the process. Your pup will come home and you will immediately see the difference in the way he acts towards other dogs and members of the house!

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