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Thank you for fixing the dogs that others have broken. I was so tired of all these so called "dog trainers" who watch a Cesar Milan video and think they know it all. Thank you from me and Adamasaurous!

— Terry Burns


Our Dachshund puppy just finished his training with Hailey and our family can not be happier on his behavior. Hailey is professional and friendly. She really cared about our puppy and the family needs. Thank you Hailey!!

— Angelica Ewing



Rampant Canine's unique approach to our training location is what sets us apart from others. Using our home to train dogs allows us to create contain and control the environment which the dogs train in. Using the home studio instead of a giant facility allows for a much more practical approach to training. The dogs feel more comfortable and enjoy their time here. We are able to provide them with 24 hour supervision and set aside two hours of dedicated play time between training sessions!

Our goal was to create a more realistic situation to train our dogs in. All of our training starts at a ground level. A calm and relaxing environment where connecting with the dog is made easy. No crazy distractions, no other dogs to side track our training, pure focus! After teaching the basic commands, we are able to throw in our own style of distractions and obstacles that are meant to create discipline. The drastic change in behavior is a breath of fresh air to the owners! 


Working from home allows me to be delicate when working with rescue dogs. I have seen first hand the effects an abusive owner can have on a dog. Our rescue dog rehabilitation program is, in my eyes, the most important thing we do. Rehabilitating rescue dogs so they can have a good, happy relationship with someone for the first time in their lives!


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Monday - Friday

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Dog Training and Rehabilitation

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