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Looking for more than traditional training?
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Baby safety

You should never assume that your pup will be safe for your baby to be around. Think about it! They have gone their entire lives ready to play fetch with literally anything you happen to have in your hands! While your dog might not have any intentions to hurt your baby, that doesn't mean accidents won't happen. Training your puppy helps them to understand just how delicate the child is! Our Baby Safety training course will not only teaches your pup how to be respectful of the new born, but will also become a positive relationship for your baby!

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Ever wanted your dogs to walk the aisle at your wedding? Maybe you just want them present at an event without causing havoc! We provide all around handling services for any event.

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protection services

We have extensive training experience with aggressive guard dog breeds like German shepherds, Rottweilers, Pitbulls and many more! Sometimes it is vital to have your best friend guarding your back. Sleep sound at night knowing that your pup will be right by your side ready to protect you at a moments notice.

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For an extensive and precise training regimen, we offer full boarding services. Our boarding visitors stay with us in our home. We are able to provide 24 hour all around the clock supervision. On top of their training, they are provided 2 hours of dedicated play time each day. No need to leave your dog at a giant facility! Our home environment approach to training creates a comfortable atmosphere perfect for training! Clients are provided daily pictures and videos to track progress in their training program!

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