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I believe that all dogs have a loving side to them. Dogs depend on a strong companion to look after them, an owner to teach them how to act and mold their personality in an acceptable manner. Unfortunately, not all dogs are put into positive environments.

I have worked with dogs saved from abusive homes first hand. These terrible circumstances they had been exposed to from a young age has had a drastic effect on their behavior, which more often than not, manifest into extreme aggression. Being neglected or traumatized as puppies puts these dogs in a defensive mindset, they are only trying to protect them selves.

Our rehabilitation program has been helping those who save dogs from traumatic situations connect and bring out the loving side of their pups.


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Questions about our rehabilitation program?

Disclaimer: We do not take in homeless dogs. We offer a training service to owners of rescues. Please contact your local shelter or Critter Cavalry Rescue for inquires

week one


Dexter was an extremely aggressive dog when we began working with him. He would lash out at the closest thing to him making muzzle training a must. With his history of trauma, we knew our work was cut out for us.

What To Expect

Our goal is to take a dog that has never known anything but to defend itself from abusive owners and ease it into a healthy relationship. Building trust with them is the most important part. Once he feels that he can trust us, we start teaching him what is an acceptable way to act


towards us. We put the dog through basic obedience training and slowly start introducing him to other dogs. Knowing that having an abusive owner could have landed the dog in dangerous situations with other animals its important we do not rush into anything. Our choice to base our training camp out of our house instead of a facility allows us greater control of the environment and their interactions with other dogs!

Certified AKC Evaluator

As a certified AKC evaluator, I am able to offer full access to CGC classes and officially name your dog a certified Canine Good Citizen. The CGC is rapidly becoming one of the most recognizable training regimens in basic behavioral courses. A full four step process with multiple tests will not only train your dog to be better, but will also train you in how to properly handle your dog. This is considered by most to be the first step in the process of training your dog to be competition ready.


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