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My puppy (Kagen is his name) will be lying by the fire on a winter’s night dreaming his doggy dreams when, suddenly, out of nowhere, he will emit the cutest howl. He looks like his brother when he does that, with his teeth bared and the hackles rising on his neck.


I often wonder if he is chasing an imaginary rabbit or a burglar when he’s dreaming. Maybe it’s just the last remnants of wolfdom coming to the surface.

When he switches back to puppy mode, he is quite the character. His eyes become mellow and warm again and they glow with a lagoon-blue sheen. He has great physical qualities also.


His fur is burnished, almost coppery, and he bounces along with energy on those soft pads of his. Blessed with a streamlined tail for balance, he is the most hyperactive and agile dog I’ve ever befriended.







House trained, potty trained, basic obedience, on/off leash

Date Of Birth

January 15th, 2019



Want to meet Kagen? Give us a call!


He is an athlete, or thinks he is, when we take him to the park. His speciality is the discus (known as the Frisbee to us).

It doesn’t seem to matter what angle you throw it to him. He will contort his body in all manner of impossible ways just to jump up and pluck it out of the air.

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