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Jonathan Katz Seminar


Event Dates

October 5th & 6th




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Audit Spots One Day - $85

Audit Spots Two Days - $125

Working spots - $250

seminar Hosted by

Rampant canine

Dog Training and Rehabilitation

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As a trainer, he works with behavior modification cases and trains personnel protection dogs. He is also a certified Police K9 Trainer and has helped many teams around the country.


As a handler, Jonathan spent two years working for the Israeli government. He trained and handled explosive detection dogs for cargo terminals and vehicle check points, but his main job was a traveling instructor to problem solve teams having issues.


As a competitor, he was the 9th handler to obtain a PSA3 with his dog Uzi being the 10th dog to obtain the title. Last year he achieved his second PSA3 with his dog Cougar being the 21st dog. Jonathan also won 2017 PSA National Champion with his Uzi daughter Puma who is now working on her second leg of her PSA2 and starting training for the 3s. As a coach, he has helped many teams to the podium on a regional and national level. He teaches handlers the competitive mind set they need to be calm and collected while trialing.

Nashville, TN

A light breakfast and lunch will be served each day. Dogs must be crated unless working. 

Private Message For Address
(615) 601-1524

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