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I have been involved with animals my entire life! 


As a young girl I began assisting with animal care at a local veterinary hospital.  It addition to that job I showed horses, assisted with daily husbandry at the barn, all while maintaining small and exotic animals in my home. 

I still maintain a keen interest in large and exotic animals, often riding and attending events.

But my focus narrowed to small animals, in particular dogs, in 1995.  

Over the years I have developed skills in obedience,
advanced obedience, aversion and off leash training,
litter whelping/raising, puppy training, family pet
integration, family pet and new baby introductions, crate training, muzzle training, bite development, house breaking, with a special focus in behavior modification, to include aggression issues, separation anxiety and fear based behaviors. Connecting with animals has always been my passion and I am blessed to have made a career from it!

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My two sons as well as my daughter have loved our puppies since they day they met. They are a big help when it comes to looking after our own! 

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Champion Dogs

I have always had a competitive drive when it come to my passions. Entering competitions has been an amazing experience and I am very proud of the events we have won!



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